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Welcome to the Pure File Magic Area Based Editor (PFMABE). Now view and edit your hydro, bathy and topo data in 3D. Under development by the Naval Oceanographic Office since 1998, this powerful data editing suite ingests most major sonar and lidar data types and allows for quick and easy analysis, cleaning and quality control.

Supported data inputs

  • Single beam and multibeam sonar data in Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
  • Optech CHARTS HOF and TOF LIDAR data
  • Optech CZMIL CPF data
  • Various ASCII XYZ/YXZ formats
  • Hypack (raw)*
  • QPS Fledermaus (xyz)
  • BAG
  • LAS
  • LAZ (read only)


*Hypack raw files are a proprietary format and not open for examination. PFMABE has not been recently tested with raw files and may not work with current versions.

With the ability to incorporate many more!

Download the new Quick Start Guide V1.0 HERE


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In accordance with 17 USC 105, copyright protection is not available for any work of the US Government. This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Introducing the LAS Waveform Viewer for Hydrographic Editing Software

PFMABE Software is proud to announce our continued support for LAS, by giving you a LAS Waveform Viewer that automatically tracks the cursor movement in the 3D point cloud and graphically displays the waveform for the point nearest the cursor. Now available in the PFMABE Suite, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) hydrographic editing software. Happy editing.

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PFMABE Software, LLC was formed to provide training and support for organizations and individuals who wish to utilize the open source PFMABE software suite for government, private or commercial usage.


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